Allahshukur Pashazade warns Turkey of Armenian trick

Chairman of the Caucasus Muslim Board (CMB), Sheikh ul-Islam Allahshukur Pashazade, has warned Turkey to be cautious of a possible Armenian trick.

The Sheikh ul-Islam said in his speech at a meeting with Bekir Karliga, Senior Advisor to Turkey’s Prime Minister, that the Armenians want to carry out their insidious plans by using the “genocide” trick with respect to Turkey, the “genocide” whose 100th anniversary they are planning to mark, APA reported.

He noted that the trick to introduce any historical event as “genocide committed by Turks” is now presented in a new form: “This is an Armenian plot against Turkey. Turkey needs to be alert. The real genocide is that which they committed against us. For example, the anniversary of the March 31 events is ahead. At that time [on Marc 31, 1918], the Armenians committed genocide against us. Moreover, in recent history, they have killed plenty of Azerbaijani people in Khojaly town. Some families were wiped out completely. If the question is about a real genocide, it’s actually been committed against us by the Armenians.”

SOURCE: Azeri Press News Agency