Allahshukur Pashazade congratulates Azerbaijani people on Novruz Holiday

Baku: Chairman of Caucasian Muslims Office, Sheikh-ul-islam Haji Allahshukur Pashazade congratulated Azerbaijani People on Novruz Holiday, APA reports.

The message of congratulations reads:

“At the mercy of Allah, coincidence of this holiday with the significant points for the humanity brings peculiarities to Novruz. A number of sacred events in our religion, as well as events connected with our Prophet coincide with this date and it brings divinity to Novruz. Novruz has a special place in the history of our people and embodies love for Allah and benevolence. I ask Allah to show mercy, help us so that we can celebrate this holiday in Karabakh. I congratulate you on Novruz holiday, wish you happiness, welfare and joy.”

Thanks Allah, our people celebrate Novruz holiday with greater confidence each year. Each Novruz holiday contributes to the successful development of our state and nation, further increases our will to victory in Karabakh. Our people see their prosperous future, peaceful life and prosperity in wise policy pursued by honorable Head of State Ilham Aliyev with determination and strong will, and wholeheartedly support this policy.

I cordially congratulate you on Novruz holiday, wish you happiness, welfare and joy. I ask Allah to show mercy on us and make our good dreams true. Happy Novruz holiday”.