ALL FOR ONE mesmerizes dance lovers

By: Amina Nazarli

ALL FOR ONE 1×1 all styles battle invited all dance lovers to participate in an event, which was held in Baku on March 1.

The event mesmerized all the guests, offering the participants complete freedom. Organizers wanted to promote all styles and forms of expression from hip hop to Funk, Glitch and Trap.

Organizers stressed their intentions are not to judge on which dance style is cooler or more popular but rather to encourage young artists to try their hands at something different by thinking outside the box and letting loose their creativity.

The winner of the dance event became Zico Firestar. The second place went to Nero Dance Center -B- boy Khan. The winner of the third place became the guest from Georgia NEXT LEVEL (Amiko Samadashvili).

Nargiz Useynova (NERO DANCE CENTER), Boocas (BIGGABOO CREW) and Fancy Snake (JET DANCE STUDIO) agreed to sit as judges.

Participants of the event were: Dilla-A, Leis Izzy, TaTa, Vinni, Sarra Raduga, Simon, Zico FireStar, Shifu, Ru MJ, Bang Bang, Khan, Slam, Nasty Alf, MufaYET, Sunny-T, RayMan, Crazy Beat, Lil-J, WildMan, Amiko Samadashvili, Goblin, MadBeat, MadMan, Lightning Mcqueen, Tai-Lung, RON, ZuLya, Lil Bone, Gospodin Ahmedov and others.

SOURCE: Azer News