ALI – Turkey and Palestine

Turkey and PalestineWe are re-living another Israeli classic. As usual, Israeli operations are disproportionate and go beyond limits.

It should be noted that Israel is currently experiencing the most comfortable and aantageous period of its short history. Israel has the aantage due the fact that Iran, Syria and Hezbollah have suffered great losses.

Former Iraqi prsident Saddam Hussein and Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi were helping the Palestinian cause but were destroyed. By establishing a new Christian state established in its south with the help of Israel, Sudan was taken under siege.

In Egypt, pro-Israeli soldiers staged a coup.When Turkey came to the stage in 2003, it was a source of great hope.

Many reasoned as follows: as a member of the Western alliance, Turkey could establish a dialogue with Israel. As a non-Arab Muslim country, Turkey was also important to Israel.

In the past, Iran used to play this role, but it became an enemy after the Islamic revolution. Today, Kurdistan plays this role.

When it was preparing to strike Iran, Israel performed training flights in Konya As andquottwo democratic countriesandquot in the region, Israel and Turkey were going to introduce democracy to the region.However, Turkey was lured by money from oil kings to reinforce the Sunni world against Shiism and challenge Iran in the region.

Turkey began to support armed groups against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who closely followed Turkey in his making reforms. Thereby, Turkey played a crucial role in triggering the ongoing chaos in Syria Until 2011, Israel needed Turkey in its relations with Syria this is no longer the case.

Due to the Syrian crisis, Hezbollah is no longer a threat to Israel, although it gave Israel a heavy defeat in 2006. If Turkey had intelligently maintained its diplomatic ties with Israel while Iran, Syria and Hezbollah continued to reject Israel and lend a great deal of support to Hamas, Israel would still enjoy the status of being a regional country and the Palestinians would have found some relief.

Turkey made a big gamble and lost. Assad was not overthrown, despite Turkeyand#39s help to armed groups.

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal left Damascus, relying on the empty bravado of Qatar and Turkey though Syria had been supporting him for years. Iran and Syria had been giving ample military, material and logistical support to Hamas, including unmanned aerial vehicles.

Now, Hamas was left alone and forced to make peace with Fatah. Saying Fatah means accepting the road map of the US and Tel Aviv.

What can Turkey do for Palestine? Nothing! What can it do for Israel? Nothing! Everything is obvious:1. Despite the apparent tension, Turkey has maintained its commercial relations with Israel at the highest level.

Due to the fact that Turkish exports have to use Israel ports — exclusively except few Lebanese ports — , Israel earns enormous sums of money.2 Oil from the Kurdish region in northern Iraq goes first to Turkey and then is exported to Israel by tanker This way, Israel not only is supplied with oil for domestic consumption, but can also export oil to third countries.

There is a hidden network between Kurdistan, Turkey and Israel. Turkey and Israel are trying to help Kurdistan secede from Iraq.

3 Israel no longer needs Konya for training flights it can make deals with Greece and Azerbaijan.In short, Turkey is hurling empty good-for-nothing heroic rhetoric at Israel.

It is all geared toward manipulating domestic politics. Turkey is making a lot of noise about Israeland#39s aggression, but behind the scenes, trade ties continue to function smoothly.

This is the exact copy of the hypocritical policies that Egypt and the Gulf monarchies have been pursuing for years. And in the meantime, the poor Palestinians are wronged.

Everyone is exploiting the suffering of the Palestinians.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman