Ali Hasanov says Muslim journalists can demonstrate single position

The journalists of Muslim countries can unite and demonstrate a single position.

Ali Hasanov, Head of Azerbaijani Presidential Administration’s Public and Political Issues Department made the remarks in Tehran on December 3, IRNA reported. Hasanov visits Iran to attend the 10th meeting of the Information Ministers of the Islamic countries.

Hasanov voiced hope that during this meeting, the representatives of the Muslim countries will be able to come to a consensus on this issue.

“While spreading the accurate and objective information, the journalists of the Muslim countries will be able to assist the Islamic countries in achieving their goals,” he said. “In the modern period, the spread of the objective information is a major factor.”

Hasanov further said today the media of Western countries in some cases represent Muslims as terrorists.

“We see this in Syria, Egypt and Iraq,” he said. “People must be provided with true information. I hope that this meeting will help strengthen the solidarity of the media of the Islamic world and create a single coordination center.”

The 10th meeting of information ministers of the Islamic countries is being held in Tehran on December 3-4. The representatives of 57 Muslim countries attend the meeting under the motto “The convergence of media to establish peace and stability in the Islamic world”.