Ali Hasanov: Although three years aren’t a long period, the Youth Foundation’s activity can be considered successful

Baku: The Youth Foundation has operated quite efficiently during its three-year activity, which is yielding practical results”.

This was stated by Ali Hasanov, Head of the Department for Public and Political Issues at the Presidential Administration, at the event titled “Youth Organizations: new opportunities and modern challenges”, organized by the Youth Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, APA reports.

Ali Hasanov said about two-thirds of Azerbaijan’s population are young people, teenagers and children under 35 years of age.

“If young people brought up in a healthy spirit, the state pursued a reasonable policy in this regard and fulfilled its goals responsibly, then the state has a bright future. The Azerbaijani government is carrying out its youth policy on the basis of a perfect program. President Ilham Aliyev has stated many times that every country’s policy must rely on national interests, and every government must lean on their people. No program could produce positive results without people’s support. The Azerbaijani state’s success is that this policy is based on the people’s interests and the people support it”.

A. Hasanov said the Ministry of Youth and Sports is the main body implementing youth policy in Azerbaijan.

“One of the subsidiary bodies is the Youth Foundation. No one can say that there is an unpleasant case in the activity of the Youth Foundation. All organizations under the President, National Science Foundation, State Fund for the Support of Mass Media Development also have a transparent activity. Although three years is not a long period, the activity of the Youth Fund can be considered successful,” he added.

The PA official recalled that 23 years had passed since Azerbaijan gained its independence.

“What did we achieve within 23 years? First of all, the Azerbaijani state was established thanks to the efforts and leadership of national leader Heydar Aliyev. Today, our most valuable wealth is the existence of the Azerbaijani state. Azerbaijan was represented in the world’s most prestigious organization – UN Security Council, chaired the Committee of Minister of the Council of Europe. Azerbaijan has managed to attract the attention of the international community through its economic development, take its decent place in the world energy map and change it. The social policy of Azerbaijan is regarded as an example. An exemplary model of civilized coexistence among peoples, nations and ethnic groups has been formed in Azerbaijan, and our country is regarded as a place of tolerance in the entire world. The state policy serves the interests of the people and every citizen can benefit from this policy. Azerbaijan has already built a strong army and I am sure that this army is able to ensure the territorial integrity of the country as soon as possible,” he noted.