ALI – Anomaly

AnomalyEight armed militants took 500 students and teachers hostage at a school in Peshawar, killing 148 and wounding 150. Is this normal? If the reports are true, the Taliban assumed responsibility, saying in a statement: andldquoWe targeted the school because the army is targeting our families.

We wanted them to feel our agony. We killed only older students.

andrdquo Can this justification be considered Islamic? The answer to both questions is andldquono.andrdquoSimilar massacres occur every day in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and elsewhere.

Yes, Western military occupations create a lot of sorrow and pain for Muslims, but the level of pain we, Muslims, inflict upon each other is certainly higher We experience a state of collective madness that governs our political and human relations.We must think about it: Why do Muslims kill each other? Every person and group has their personal andldquojustifications.

andrdquo A closer look into the justifications shows that none of them are legitimate. Muslims oppress each other unjustly and in breach of boundaries set by their religion.

This results in the identification of Islam as a group of andldquocruel Muslims who behead people from other Muslim groups or who plunder the public resources,andrdquo despite Islam being an inclusive and redemptive religion blissfully revealed by God for all of humanity. Who will be willing to convert to Islam just by looking at the developments? Can a Jew, Christian, Buddhist or atheist consider becoming Muslim after witnessing the shameful conduct of Muslims? Why should people take Salafis — who see Shiites as andldquoRafidhiandrdquo and other Sunni Muslims as andldquoapostatesandrdquo — as their models? Alternatively, can a person who says, andldquoThese Salafis are Kharijites, let us kill them all just as Ali did in Nehrawan,andrdquo be considered Muslim? Why should a ruling party that protects its bribe-taking, corrupt members from litigation be set as a moral example? In every country around the world there is corruption, but if laws have power there, those involved in corruption are punished.

From a moral perspective we face serious problems. Given the fact that Islam rests upon good manners and that Muhammad was sent as the last of the prophets andldquoto perfect good manners,andrdquo we are miles away from this goal.

We are faced with great problems not only with respect to our morality, but also as regards our political mindset. We, as Muslims, donand#39t extend the tolerance we show to non-Muslims to our fellow Muslims.

This is because we believe that in coming to power, we can possess all human and economic resources to the fullest. This is actually irreverence toward God as the true Creator, Owner and Possessor of everything.

The worst thing that can happen to a religious person is that while bearing his religious identity, he tries to gain full possession of power and resources. I can understand that a secular politician can do this as he somehow excludes religion and God from his life while pursuing a secular mind map, but how can a religious politician attempt to possess power? This is the first problemThe second problem is that we try to destroy our rivals completely and take them under our full control we never consider living together with them Yet we must remember that our rivals, including those from non-Muslim and different sects or identities, number in the millions and we cannot simply do away with them This is what the Nazis tried to do and they are condemned for all eternity.

Just as it is impossible to destroy a group completely, it is impossible to subdue them completely. If we turn our rivals into our enemies, we cannot have rest even if we are in powerThe right thing to do is to acknowledge our rivals and opponents and find a way to co-exist within a legal sphere.

Turkey could have set a good example for its region. This was an opportunity divinely granted to us, but we wasted it imprudently and now we live in chaos.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman