Ali Ahmadov: Azerbaijan’s achievements during Ilham Aliyev’s 10-year presidency are ‘phenomenon of the century’

Baku: Achievements Azerbaijan has attained during the 10-year presidency of Ilham Aliyev, who continues Heydar Aliyev’s policy, are “phenomenon of the century”.

Ali Ahmadov, Deputy Chairman-Executive Secretary of the New Azerbaijan Party, Deputy Prime Minister, made the above statement Dec. 24 at the conference entitled “10 years of development: 2004-2014” in Baku.

He noted that the path of development Azerbaijan has undergone during the 10 years is called “phenomenon of the first decade of the 21st century”.

“Over this period Azerbaijan’s economy has tripled. It’s hard to find a second country like Azerbaijan in the world. Only Azerbaijan has managed to achieve this, presenting to the world the economic miracle of the century’s first decade”.

A. Ahmadov said Azerbaijan’s development throughout this phase caused its influence in the international arena to grow rapidly.

“Azerbaijan’s election as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council and other factors are a clear proof for that,” he added.