Alevis pledge support for IhsanoIlu in presidential race

ISTANBUL (CIHAN)- Representatives of Alevi federations, who came together with joint presidential candidate Ekmeleddin IhsanoIlu, expressed their support and belief for IhsanoIlu in the presidential election.

A large-scale meeting brought representatives all of Alevi federations operating in Turkey at a meeting held in Istanbul’s BeIiktaI district. The meeting, which lasted one hour, was closed to the press.

Speaking to the press following the meeting, IhsanoIlu said they had a very fruitful and sincere meeting. “I saw that I agreed with them [representatives] in many issues. I was fully informed about how to fulfill needs of our Alevi brothers. I believe President of the Turkish Republic should respect to all of human rights and beliefs. Also, President of Turkish Republic should embrace all of the citizens regardless of religion, belief, nationality, language and gender,” said IhsanoIlu.

Following IhsanoIlu, Husniye Takmaz, head of the Federation of Alevi Associations, spoke on behalf of the representatives. Takmaz stated that they believe wholeheartedly that problems in the country will be solved when democracy works in all institutions. “We indicate that we support him [IhsanoIlu] readily” added Takmaz.