AKP’s chaos plans

After losing almost 10 percent of the vote and hence its one-party rule, it seems that the Justice and Development Party (AKP) will try to frighten people with both terrorism and an economic crisis. But this will definitely backfire. I have long been saying here that the AKP has gradually become a Kemalo-Islamist party. As a result, it has started employing the dirty tactics of the old Kemalist hegemonic establishment. The problem for the AKP is this: These tactics do not work any longer. The AKP is hoping that if economic figures become worse, people would blame themselves and start thinking that the country is having these economic problems because there is no longer a one-party AKP government. For the AKPand’s hypnotized voters, this estimation may be true but those few percent who left the AKP for economic reasons will not go back to the AKP since they know the AKPand’s terrible decisions on the economy, its termination of the rule of law and its increased authoritarianism, corruption and cronyism are the main reasons for the economic downturn. They also know this is only the beginning and the country has actually not started paying the price of the AKPand’s terrible mistakes and crimes. Thus, the AKP will not be able to entice those voters who have already left by intimidating them with an economic crisis. Terrorism is the second major instrument of the AKPand’s fear politics. This has two main dimensions. First, the AKP wants to provoke the Kurdistan Workersand’ Party (PKK) to restart its terrorist activities so that those Turkish and Kurdish voters who do not like the PKK but were fearful of Recep Tayyip Erdoganand’s sultanistic despotism and thus voted for the Peoplesand’ Democratic Party (HDP) may revise their decision in early elections. Again, this will not work. These voters did not leave the AKP because they sympathize with the PKK but because first, they were afraid of Erdoganand’s intentions and second, they wanted to support the civilians against the PKK terrorists. It is clear that even if the PKK restarts its violence, there is no reason for these new HDP voters to go back to the AKP. In a worst-case scenario for the HDP, they may vote for the Republican Peopleand’s Party (CHP) or the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), but voters know very well that if the HDP does not pass the election threshold, Erdogan will go back to his business of establishing an Islamist dictatorship. The second dimension is this: The AKP hopes that if people start thinking that there is now the danger of civil war or clashes between different Kurdish groups and so on, some voters will be frightened and start thinking that all these things are happening because Turkey does not have a one-party government. Well, in that case, there is no guarantee that they would prefer the AKP. They might vote for a MHP government instead. This may simply mean the AKPand’s votes might fall further to 35 percent and below. What is more, similar to the case of the National Intelligence Organization (MiT) trucks, the AKP may be caught red-handed and if more and more people understand clearly that the AKP is resorting to all these dirty deep state tactics, it may be punished heavily. All in all, it seems that in order to continue its rule and regain more power, the AKP may resort to all sorts of legal and illegal tactics but the tide is no longer on the AKPand’s side. Whatever it does will backfire since it has already exhausted all options and has lost credibility in the eyes of at least 60 percent of voters. There is no way these people can go back to the AKP, ever.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman