akIr goes into record books as first Turkish ref in CL final

Barcelona outplayed, outclassed and outscored Juventus 3-1 in a thrilling UEFA Champions League (CL) final at the Berlin Olympic Stadium on Saturday night to complete a treble and be crowned the European champion for the fifth time.
But for Turkish fans, the hero was referee Canduneyt andcakir, who became the first Turk to officiate in a CL final.
Two additional assistant referees, Handuseyin GandOandcek and Barii Simsek, were also from Turkey. A reserve assistant referee, Mustafa Emre Eyisoy, completed the officiating team.
For those who did not watch the match, and also for the naysayers, andcakir had a good game. The 38-year-old FIFA-ranked referee was 100 percent correct for disallowing Barcelonaand’s third goal. Television replays show Brazil striker Neymarand’s header hit the playerand’s hand and the ball changed its direction before hitting the back of the net.
Simply put, Neymar gained an unfair aantage with his hand. And the FIFA and UEFA rulebooks say that is an infringement of football regulations and that is why andcakir, rightfully so, disallowed the goal and awarded a free-kick against Neymar.
andcakir has experienced a meteoric rise to the top. In 2014, he became the first Turkish referee in a World Cup tournament in 40 years Dogan Babacan officiated in the 1974 World Cup in West Germany.
The 38-year-old andcakir took charge of three matches in the most recent World Cup finals in Brazil last year. He was the referee in Braziland’s goalless draw with Mexico in the group stage the 1-1 tie between Algeria and Russia that sent the Algerians to the knockout phase (last 16) for the first time in history and the World Cup semifinal between Argentina and the Netherlands that the Dutchmen won 4-2 on penalties.
The next biggest football extravaganza is the Euro 2016 and andcakir is setting his sights on that tournament.
andcakir is lucky to have come from a footballing family. He started playing at the age of 10 with Kartalspor, but was injured at age 17 and had to give up playing. His father, Serdar andcakir, who is a former referee and former deputy chairman of the Turkish Central Refereeing Board (MHK), was a major motivator for him. It was his dad who, all along, instilled a love of football and refereeing in the young andcakir.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman