AkIn Ipek says will never be part of ‘pool media,’ prefers an honest life without wealth

After his companies were unlawfully seized on Monday following a government-backed decision, Akin ipek, the CEO of the Koza ipek Holding, has said that he refuses to ever be part of the group of pro-government media outlets that are given money to slander opposition voices and states that the government took action against his companies despite failing to find anything illegal during the inspections that were carried out.
Commenting on the seizing of his companies during a live phone interview with Bugandun TV the same day, ipek said that he refused to join what is called the and”pool mediaand” and added: and”I wonand’t join [pool media] after either. I would prefer to continue my life without wealth than be in a pool of lies and slander.and”
The popular term and”pool mediaand” is used in Turkey to describe pro-government media outlets and refers to the large amounts of money pooled by pro-government businessmen for certain media outlets to allegedly slander opposition voices and magnify the governmentand’s actions through lies.
and”If I had entered that pool as well, I would be much richer and the judiciary would protect me. But I have not been involved in such illegitimate business and now they have appointed trustees to my companies,and” ipek said.
The government-backed decision on Monday to take over Koza ipek Holdingand’s management by appointing trustees to its 22 companies came after last monthand’s raid to the holding that was conducted by auditors accompanied by a police escort. The Finance Ministryand’s Financial Crimes Investigation Board (MASAK), which conducted the raids, failed to find any illegal activities or transactions after thoroughly investigating the holdingand’s files and records. Koza ipek Holding includes the prominent Kanaltandurk and Bugandun TV channels, the Millet and Bugandun dailies, ipek University and a number of other subsidiaries of the holding.
The aforementioned media outlets have been very active in providing a platform for opposition voices to talk about the mistakes of the government, something that is missing in the pro-government media. The seizing of Koza ipek Holding comes only a week before the Nov. 1 snap election and is part of a larger effort of the interim Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government to silence critical media, as is exampled in the removal of a number of TV channels from several satellite platforms.
h2 ipekand’s lawyer says the holding was seized for being ruled perfectlyh2 ipek also pointed to the unlawfulness of the government taking over his holdingand’s management. After stating that his companies are some of Turkeyand’s strongest with clean backgrounds, ipek said: and”If they found a cent of illicit money, they would confiscate it they couldnand’t find a cent within the group. We handed over all the [requested] documents [for the investigations]. They couldnand’t find anything and never will.and”
Talking to the press in front of the ipek Media Group headquarters in Istanbul on Tuesday, one of the lawyers representing ipek said that the holding was seized for being ruled perfectly. While referring to the expert opinionreport that was used as grounds to seize the holding, lawyer Hakan Yildiz said: and”The report says andlsquono perfect institution, financial system and financial structure exists in the world however, the institution under question displays a perfect image in the official documents that were acquired from related individuals and institutions [subsidiaries of Koza ipek Holding].and’ In short, being perfect is enough for strong suspicion [in the Turkish legal system].and”
h2 Mother of Akin ipek: and”I wish their greed … abates with our family so that they leave innocent people aloneandquoth2 Melek ipek, the mother of Akin ipek, also talked to press after arriving at the Koza ipek headquarters on Tuesday. Expressing no sadness over the seizing, as she says her son did nothing at all illegal, Melek said: and”Such worldly affairs are not worth getting sad over. Please none of you be sad let us live together in the tranquility of being honest and uncorrupt. There is nothing that has been [illegally] done.and”
Referring to the government oppression as a greed for power, Melek said and”I wish their greed and lust would abate with [the prosecution] of our family so that they leave innocent people aloneand”.
Pointing out that she is the grandchild of a public hero of the Turkish War of Independence, Melek also said: and”I am the granddaughter of Sandutandcandu Imam. My son is the grandchild of veteran Hamdi ipek. I have never and will never quail. I have only one request for our friends and our respected ones far away — that they should not be sad. There are people trying to com by bus, they should not come.and”
Before entering the building, Melek said finally, and”one who is honest and fears God, fears no one but one who doesnand’t fear God, fears everyone.and”
The interim AK Party government has long been accused by many people of trying to silence those who are critical of it in attempt to cover up its wrongdoings. The seizing of one of Turkeyand’s few critical media groups came less than a week before for Nov. 1 snap election, in which the AK Party will try to win back its majority in Parliament that it lost in June 7 parliamentary election.
Akin ipekand’s wife, Nevin ipek, has also expressed her support, saying she has always lived her life being proud of her husband since the day that they married. Noting that she is especially thankful as her husband has recently made her a new level of proud, Nevin said, and”when he first heard [about the seizure], he told me andlsquoDonand’t be upset darling, hopefully this will be our religious charity.and” In reference to the governmentand’s unlawful efforts to seize the holding, Nevin further said, and”they are dealing with such a [moral] person neither their money nor their power is enough [to deal with him].and”