AI official: Human rights situation in Turkey could not be worse

The director of Amnesty International (AI) Germany, criticizing the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) in Turkey for cracking down on basic freedoms such as the right to information, press freedom and freedom of assembly, has said the current situation in Turkey could not be worse.
Amnesty International Germany Director Selmin andcaliikan, who spoke to Todayand’s Zaman on a range of issues in Turkey such as the arrest of Samanyolu Broadcasting Group CEO Hidayet Karaca over a TV series script and the arrest of police officers who took part in a graft investigation that went public in 2013 and incriminated government officials, said Turkey no longer upholds the rule of law.
and”There is no rule of law in Turkey. The police officers who conducted the graft investigations were imprisoned, while those who offered or received bribes were released. Police officers, judges and prosecutors have either been removed from duty or banished to other cities. andhellip All these cases constitute violations of human rights and are against the law,and” andcaliikan said.
The latest EU report on Turkey accepted by the European Parliament (EP) in May highlighted worsening individual liberties and rights and the erosion of the rule of law due to the governmentand’s continued interventions in judicial affairs.
The report also slams the AK Party for failing to combat corruption and worsening press freedom and judicial independence.
andcaliikan also lamented the tight security laws that prevent citizens from voicing their grievances by holding protests. and”People are scared of police violence. andhellip We are talking about a country where there is the risk of not being able to return home in the evening when you go out,and” said andcaliikan.
and”Stability is achieved with justice and peace. Peopleand’s demands for justice are increasing further [in Turkey]. But who will protect them from the state?and” she asked.
A controversial security bill passed by Parliament has been harshly criticized by opposition parties for paving the way for a police state by giving sweeping powers to the police officers, such as allowing them to detain individuals without a court order for 24 hours.
andcaliikan also expressed hope for a change in government after the upcoming June 7 election.
and”I hope people will act with democratic consciousness and prevent Turkey from turning into a Middle Eastern country being ruled by a one-party government,and” she said.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman