AFAD: Number of Syrian refugees in Turkey tops 900,000

The Prime Ministry’s Disaster and Emergency Management Directorate (AFAD) announced on Tuesday that Turkey is currently hosting more than 900,000 Syrian refugees who have fled the civil war in their country.

AFAD chairman Fuat Oktay said that everything is going well in the camps where the refugees are staying, but that the agency is constantly trying to minimize problems in the camps by getting help from NGOs.

“The refugees are mostly living in border towns. The amount of foreign aid is around $200 million and the amount that we spend is over $2.5 billion. Our citizens are also doing what they can to help these refugees,” Oktay said.

Oktay said that the basic needs of these refugees are education, health, nutrition and shelter, but that Turkey can’t provide everything by itself.

“I am calling all the international organizations to help us in aiding these people,” Oktay added.

Oktay also said that Syrian citizens taking shelter in Turkey have been provided with lodging, food and security as well as access to social activities, education and religious, translation and telecommunication services.

Syrian refugees at the camps are provided with three meals a day, Oktay added.