Accusation regarding Rauf Mirgadirov includes Laura Bagdarasyan and one more person’s name

Baku: Shahriyar Alizadeh; Journalist Rauf Mirgadirov’s lawyer has today held a press conference. APA reports that the lawyer Fuad Agayev said that he has today met with the investigator and Rauf Mirgadirov. He noted that Nasimi district Court sentenced Rauf Mirgadirov to sentenced to 3-month pre-trial detention.

The lawyer said it’s noted that R. Mirgadirov cooperated with Armenian special services: “As if he transferred information about the military situation, strategic state objects. Mirgadirov attended a number of international events and his photo with anyone can be captured. The accusation has Laura Bagdarasyan and one more person’s name. Laura Bagdarasyan and human rights defender Leyla Yunus implemented joint project in 2001, issued joint internet magazine in 2005. They have shared project, that’s they are partners. It indicates that this arrest will last”.

The lawyer noted that Rauf Mirgadirov intende to leave for Georgia on night of April 18-19: “his bus has been detained near Ankara and he was taken to the police department but not provided with a lawyer. Thereafter, he was told that he had been deported. He did not face torture. He also told me that he was treated politely and did not express his dissatisfaction with the condition of detention”.