Abundant claims of vote rigging on election day

A Justice and Development Party (AK Party) mayor in the western province of Amasya has caused a storm of criticism after he published a photo of a stamped ballot paper on Facebook that he said was his vote a day before the parliamentary election. Mayor Kemal iahin of the town of GandOynanducek published the photo with a note saying: and”We have cast our vote. Let it be for the best.and” The photo showed the and”yesand” stamp on the space by the AK Party logo on the ballot paper. The post was quickly picked up on social media, where many users saw it as proof of election fraud by AK Party politicians. Opposition politicians in Amasya were also outraged. The povincial offices of the Republican Peopleand’s Party (CHP) and the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) filed criminal complaints against iahin on the grounds that he had committed election fraud. Mehmet Sari, a candidate for Parliament from Amasya for the MHP, told the private Dogan news agency that iahin had told him that the post was a and”joke.and” and”Since he was an old friend, I picked up the phone and called him to ask what this was about. He said he had removed the post. I told him that he was panicking on the phone. He said he just made a joke. How can this be a joke?and” Sari said.