About 1,000 Azerbaijani young people join various extremists groups abroad – MP

Baku: About 1,000 Azerbaijani young people have joined the extremist groups abroad, said Siyavush Novruzov, chairman of the parliamentary Committee on public associations and religious organizations.

He made the remarks on Friday during a discussion of the draft law on combating religious extremism at the parliament.

Novruzov underlined the importance of adoption of the draft law. “Some of students studied abroad are engaged in religious extremism after coming back to Azerbaijan,” he said.

There is the most proper religious model in Azerbaijan, the MP said, the Azerbaijani state has always supported and will support religion.

However, in some cases, we see the ideology of some countries is being exported to Azerbaijan under the guise of religion, he added. “The draft law mainly aims to prevent the export of this ideology and maintain the classical Islamic model in Azerbaijan.”

“Earlier, some forces intended to realize insidious intentions in various countries. But now, some wants to realize it under the guise of religion. We try to prevent such acts under law”, noted the MP.