ABDuLHAMIT – Before democracy totally collapses

Before democracy totally collapsesThe operation against Zaman and Samanyolu TV on Dec. 14 has attracted a great deal of attention in the world and reaction from democrats in the world and in Turkey.

This operation against the media is grave for the workers, readers, viewers and prestige of our country. But the operation did not only target Ekrem DumanlI, Hidayet Karaca, scriptwriters and actors it also concerns civil society and political figures and actors who hold different opinions.

While the outcome was sad, the incident itself was a surprise because there is no option other than changing the subject and repressing the media and the judiciary to cover up corruption and bribery charges involving four former ministers. In addition, it is no secret that press freedom is not promoted in our country anymore.

We are now a country in which a media boss is literally brought to tears, media bans are imposed, private-sector companies are intimidated and a newly established party is not allowed to reserve a hall to hold its inaugural meeting.Fatih AltaylI was threatened by ErdoIan because he criticized a project, and then he had to take a break as a columnist.

Columns authored to criticize the detention of the journalists in a show of solidarity with the journalists have been censored.Because of these shameful developments, Freedom House, an independent rating institution, has categorized Turkey as a country where the media is not free.

In an interview with the Aksiyon weekly, Cengiz andar said there are two types of media outlets in Turkey: one in a position of prostration and the other in a position ready to do the same. Noting that he works for one of the papers in the second category, he said he has been subjected to immense pressure.

Democracy, the greatest assurance of peace and economic stability in our country and the most important soft-power element, is disappearing thank God there are some brave and democrat intellectuals who have been taking risks. A number of domestic and foreign organizations, including the Human Rights Watch (HRW), have reacted decisively and strongly to the operation against the media on Dec.

14. Brave figures from different backgrounds have undersigned our paperand#39s campaign to free the journalists.

The European Parliament (EP)onvened immediately to declare that what happened to the journalists was unacceptable. Many influential figures from different parts of the world, including Indonesia, Nepal, the US and Germany, have condemned the governmentand#39s actions.

Even Communist Chinaand#39s state-run agency, Xinhua, announced that this was an operation to undermine the free mediaConstitutional Court Chairman HaIim KIlI, who received a delegation of the International Press Institute and Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) in October, drew attention to this danger: andldquoThe climate of fear affects all the journalists should resist,andrdquo he said.The Constitutional Court had raised hopes by making pro-freedom rulings in recent years by doing so, it at least partially made up for its previous mistakes.

For this attitude, the court received international awards.The protests of a number of deputies and civil society organizations in front of the Constitutional Court building reminded me of KIlIand#39s aforementioned call to journalists.

The people thanked of the Constitutional Court for its pro-democracy rulings, but they also expressed their resentment with the courtand#39s inaction and reluctance to deal with unconstitutional bills adopted by Parliament by the majority of the ruling party these bills were also incompatible with universal legal principles.The opposition gives warnings, brave journalists defy and resist and the people pay attention to democracy.

The title of the column refers to a popular Arabic proverb that proclaims that nothing will matter after Basra is destroyed. If we do not want to face the huge disaster of losing democratic and legal standards in our country, like the free media, the Constitutional Court should hurry up and resist before democracy falls.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman