A prosthetic leg attached to a sphacelus hen

MALATYA: A hen, which one of its legs was amputated due to gangrene (sphacelus), walked again thanks to new prosthetic leg which was attached to him with a surgical operation in eastern Turkish province of Malatya.

According to the information, which was made by the Malatya’s Yesilyurt Municipality that Aydemir Gorsoy, a farmer brought his chicken to a veterinary for a treatment. After the detailed medical inspections it was diagnosed by the veterinary that one of hen’s legs was gangrene. After the successful operation, a prosthetic leg was attached after gangrened leg was amputated.

Abuzer Karatas, Director of the Veterinaries said in their clinic there had the opportunity to conduct all kinds of medical operations. Karatas said farmer Gursoy applied to us for his hen, which is being loved so much by Gursoy, for medical intervention. After the surgery we successfully attached a new prosthetic leg by amputating the problematic leg. After the operation chicken found the opportunity to walk again and it made us very happy.

Burak Avci, a vet said that we diagnosed that one of chicken leg was gangrene and we attached to it a prosthetic leg.

Aydemir Gursoy, owner of the hen said that due to the one of its broken leg everyone said me that you had to cut your chickens leg. But I applied to a vet and they made a successful operation. “Now my hen is healthy and continue to lay egg,” noted Gursoy.