A president should embrace whole country, says IhsanoIlu during Bursa visit

BURSA (CIHAN)- Joint presidential candidate from five opposition parties Ekmeleddin IhsanoIlu stated that a president should embrace all of the country rather than favoring a certain group as the representative of the whole nation.

Arriving in the western province of Bursa as part of his election campaign, IhsanoIlu commented on characteristics of an ideal president at a press meeting. “Whom you vote for will not be a prime minister or mayor. Whom you for will be a president. He will be a representative of the presidency and the nation,” said IhsanoIlu.

IhsanoIlu further stated that main duty of a president is to embrace the whole nation not to take side near a certain group of people. Addressing to the people at the meeting, IhsanoIlu said “People who voted for you will be considered good and people who did not vote for you will be considered bad. A president will be representative of the whole people,” added IhsanoIlu.