A package of good news?

A package of good news?According to recent reports, Prime Minister ErdoIan is preparing for the presidential election with a new reform package that will grant official status to Alevi houses of worship, include provisions to open the Halki Seminary, mend the dialogue with the country’s liberal intelligentsia, including Gezi Park protesters, and normalize ties with Israel.If this good news is officially announced, there is an onus on us to support this new step. We might not take our hats and bow down, but we don’t have the luxury to be hesitant about it. For, whether we like it or not, the AK Party leader seems determined to become president. It is not clear what the new powers of the presidency will be, but it is increasingly likely that the process will work against our wishes. We can’t afford to ignore the improvements mentioned above. Pragmatism and realism necessitate the approval of these potential improvements, and this is not opportunism. (HADI ULUENGIN, TARA

SOURCE: Todays Zaman