A new nation composed of AKP supporters

Recently, government spokesman Bandulent Arinandc, noting that huge courthouses do not mean the attainment of justice, said that the Justice and Development Party (AKP) had achieved development but failed to secure faith in the judiciary. These statements, which seem to be right at first sight, are not actually right, in terms of development and justice. The AKP has not been able to make progress in terms of justice or development. Today, even the not-so-bright past in these two areas seems better than what we have now.
h2 Neither development nor justice achievedh2 Turkeyand’s economic performance is alarming. We have an economic system that does not create employment and relies on the added value created by the state only. And it is mostly AKP figures who benefit from this system. Like the field of development, the condition of justice is also grave. The law has been suspended gradually since the Dec. 17 and Dec. 25, 2013 corruption investigations judges are now placed under arrest for a decision they make or for considering a note they receive. Some of the judges who do this are expelled from the profession. If we talk about justice, we have a judiciary that is all about buildings. This is not justice that is what Arinandc meant. In short, the AKP created justice and development for AKP supporters only, not all citizens of Turkey.
h2 New citizenship, new systemh2 This is a political preference and choice. This is the first step to the Turkey the AKP seeks to create. The initial signs of this social engineering were delivered by value-oriented political choices before the Gezi protests (number of children, abortion, etc.) this level of politicization was deepened after Gezi, and it became visible after the Dec. 17 events. The AKP, which deliberately chose to be alone, alienated all others. By alienating all others, the AKP designed a new definition of and”AKP nation.and” This includes new citizenship and a new political system. The AKP reserves no place for non-AKP figures. This is the basis of President Recep Tayyip Erdoganand’s political rhetoric. Erdogan draws the boundaries of this citizenship, arguing that he is on the side of the nation, and by promoting a presidential system, he also defines a new political system.
h2 2023: Revenge of the republich2 It seems that this is the mental background for the 2023 vision. The AKPand’s preference refers to indirect revenge. Erdogan harbors ambitions to become a religious leader as well as a second founding father and to erase the imprints of Mustafa Kemal Atatandurk. This is a process involving the mobilization of state mechanisms, pro-government businessmen, the media, intellectuals, universities, academics, think tanks, artists and athletes. In this process, they are forced to do whatever they are asked to they are working hard to legitimize the presence of he who created them.
h2 Poor imitation of single-party erah2 This is not something we are unfamiliar with. This process is a poor imitation of the single-party era. The secular Turkish citizen as promoted by the single-party era is being replaced by a Sunni Turkish citizenship based on a mindset of political Islam. A different version of the model of exclusionary citizenship generated in the 1920s by an authoritarian mindset is being redefined in the 2010s.
From this perspective, June 7 is an election that Erdogan and the AKP think that they must not lose. This election is viewed as the first step to a presidential or semi-presidential system. It is pretty clear that the goal is not just to create a citizenship of their own but also to create a political system that will guarantee this.
They want to base the Turkey they would like to build upon a new type of citizenship (Sunni Turk) and a new political system (presidential system). The and”nationand” Erdogan refers to at his political rallies does not include all Turkish citizens. Erdoganand’s nation comprises AKP figures alone.
This process is a reconstruction of the old Turkey by relying on new codes. The secular Turkish citizenship prototype is being replaced by a Sunni Turkish citizenship. And the presidential system is presented as the legal justification of this order. For this goal, AKP figures are allowed to gain more. And they are favored in judicial mechanisms as well.
h2 Revenge of the republich2 Desire to take revenge is the main motive for this. They are set to transform the republican regime and its values. But unfortunately, they are doing this by imitating the mentality and system of the order they would like to change. They think that they will change it by becoming like that one. And those who criticize these attempts are declared traitors. Arinandc says they achieved some development but failed to attain justice. He is wrong. He should have said, and”We have not contributed to the economic welfare of people other than AKP figures or attained justice for all.and”
hr *Murat Aksoy is a writer and journalist based in Istanbul.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman