A group tries to blow up surveillance camera

HAKKARI (CIHAN)- A group tries to blow up surveillance camera

A group whose face covered with traditional bandage intended to inactivate a surveillance camera system with a big and a little butane gas tubes after ignited them with Molotov cocktail in eastern Turkish city of Hakkari.

Blood-curdling incident was carried out by a group of terrorist sympathizers, who ignite the 12 kg butane gas tube and a little tube with Molotov cocktail to blown up the surveillance camera in the Bulak Neighborhood on the Zubeyde HanIm Street of Hacker.

After the gruoup run away from the scene, the little tube exploded with a terrible noise.
Possible disaster was prevented by the fire-fighters and by bomb defusing team who prevented the possible disaster by putting off the flares of 12 kg tube.