A car stolen in two minutes by ravenous robbers

ISTANBUL (CIHAN)- A car was stolen in a two minutes in a neighborhood in Istanbul’s Kuukekmece district. The moments of robbery was caught on tape by the security cams.

The incident took place two days ago on the Sali Tamci Street in Yenimahalle neighborhood, where the ravenous robbers stole the 60.000TL worth(USD28:000) brand new car, which was bought three days before by Nuhi Erol who deeply shocked when he realized the vacant parking spot of his car. As soon as he realized the incident Tamci inspected the security cameras at the nearby workplaces and saw the grim reality.
Video shows that one of the two robbers entering the automobile by breaking the wind screen with a hard object and the other robber observes the surroundings. In a two minute later, two robbers moving away from the area with the stolen car.