90 kilos of explosive seized in Amanos Mountains

HATAY: At least 90 kilos of explosives were seized by Turkish security forces in Amanos Mountains located in southern Turkish province of Hatay.

Within the context of planed operation, which was conducted on March 17, 2015, security forces initiated wide range of search in the mountains where four ammunition depots were found during the operation. Stuffed in barrels, 90 kilos of explosives were destroyed by the instruction of the public prosecution office.

According to the information, which was held by Hatay Governor Ercan Topaca that on March 17, 2015 there was held a planned operation to some regions lies between the Belen and Arsus Districts on Amonos Mountains. Aiming to destruct the some hideouts and depots, which was using by the terror organization, there was held a planned operation to the craggy and forestry areas located in Kurtbaği neighborhoods and Kuyrukyaran Sirtlari and Gokyar Tepe regions and at least 90 kilos of explosives were destroyed after the operation.

Operation was conducted by the involvement of Gendarmerie Enquiry and special operation teams. Besides the explosives, four remote control mechanisms, 3 meters of safety fuses, 4 handmade explosive mechanisms, A 1,5 KW generators, 14 mechanic capsules, 5 camp cylinders, 700 meters of cables, 108 kg various food products, 10 medical equipment, and 56 different type of construction materials were seized in the operation.