9 men indicted for raping minor in ElazII village

Nine suspects have been indicted on the charge of aggravated sexual assault in a case accepted by the Elazii 1st High Criminal Court for allegedly raping a minor over the course of seven years in a village in the eastern province of Elazii, where the case went unreported for years despite the awareness of many of the villagers.
The victim, identified as S.A., is 15 years old now and has reportedly been facing sexual assault since she was 8. The defendants, Kiyasettin E., Enes E., Sanduleyman K., Mehmet E., Kadir A., andOzgandur A., ismail K., Serdar A. and Mehmet A., face 12 to 22 years in prison each if convicted.
The abuse was revealed by chance in 2013 to gendarmerie forces stationed between the village where the sexual abuse took place and a neighboring village. During this time, several gendarmes engaged in conversation with locals, who explained the circumstances. A sergeant investigated the case, speaking with other villagers and taking the testimony of anonymous witnesses. In a further investigation, S.A. testified that her older brother and a 70-year-old man were among those who raped her. Although the victim described being raped by 20 men, the gendarmerie initially took only seven into custody.
S.A.and’s testimony revealed that she was first raped in second grade, allegedly by Kiyasettin E. The 8-year-old victim said she told her teacher what had occurred, and that the teacher simply warned Kiyasattin E. to stay away from the school. According to her testimony, when S.A. was in sixth grade, the suspect brought her to his home, where he raped her. This instance of abuse led to a pattern of compounded sexual violence, of which almost the entire village was aware.
h2Sentence of Diyarbakir man reducedh2
Meanwhile, a court in Diyarbakir ruled to reduce the sentence requested for a local man who raped three 14-year-old girls because, according to the court, the girls gave their consent.
In the most recent hearing, one of the minors, identified as R.A., explained that she had consented to sexual relations with the suspect and called for the manand’s acquittal. The court re-classified the sexual assaults on the two other victims as simple sexual assault as well, and decreased the requested sentence from 150 years to three-and-a-half to 10 years behind bars.
According to the allegations, a man posing as a military officer offering English classes met three teenagers on Facebook and invited the girls to his home for a lesson. When the girls arrived, they allegedly drank alcohol, smoked marijuana, watched pornography and were sexually assaulted.
The schooland’s directors found out about the incident and provided police with the information necessary to open an investigation. The investigation revealed that the suspect had two separate Facebook accounts, and was not a military officer but a translator. The 42-year-old suspect, identified as U.andc., was taken into custody. Police searched his home and found military clothing, guns and bullets, in addition to his correspondences with minors.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman