87,932 applicants submit documents to attend entrance examinations for high schools in Azerbaijan

Baku: 87,932 applicants submitted their documents to attend entrance examinations on specialty groups 1 and 2 this year.

State Student Admission Commission (SSAC) chairwoman Maleyka Abbaszadeh on Monday told a press conference that 54,475 of them are this year’s graduates and 33,457 the past year’s, noting that 38,810 are females and 41,552 males. Male applicants of this year on the Azerbaijani section are 25,871 and 2,901 on the Russian section. There are 15,681 male applicants on the Azerbaijani section among those of the past year, and 679 on the Russian section.

The number of applicants who submitted documents this year on the Russian section is 7,570. 5,669 of them are 2015 graduates, and 1,901 those of the past year.

Maleyka Abbaszadeh noted that the SSAC has no information about whether the past year’s applicants have attestations or not.

“They have sent inquiries to the State Student Admission Commission over issues of military recruitment. But this year we have an innovation about this issue. The Azerbaijani State Service for Mobilization and Conscription has created an electron database and the SSAC has been integrated into it,” said the SSAC chairwoman.

According to her, there have been 765 applicants who were granted a delay for military service and have therefore had the opportunity to confirm their applications by themselves. “501 of them confirmed their applications online. This figure will increase annually. After necessary data about those returning from the military are recorded in this base, these things will be done in a completely automatic way in future,” she said.

SOURCE: Azeri Press News Agency