8 injured in a traffic accident triggered by heavy rain

KIRIKKALE: At least eight people were injured in a traffic accident took place in Kirikkale-Kayseri highway in central Turkish province of Kirikkale.

Reportedly the accident occurred as a result of heavy rainfall and carelessness of the drivers.

The injured were taken the nearby hospital of Kirikkale.

According to the information given by the local traffic authorities that an automobile with the plate number 06 HR 803 driven by Serap Ugantas,33, crashed with conjunction Agriculture and Husbandry Junction with another car with plate number 06 TZM 20 driven by Hakan Karakoc, 23. With the impact of the crashing, automobile of Ugantas divided into two pieces and one of divided part of the vehicle hurled another lane of the road. Along with the two drivers another passengers, Sultan Ugantas,60, Seymanur,8, and Mervenur Altintas,18, Sevde,9, Sedefnur Karakoc ,6, and Nurican Kilic were injured.

Soon after the accident many ambulances were dispatched at the scene and the injured were taken to the hospital. The road where the incident took place was closed to the traffic temporarily.