7 injured as Istanbul minibus driver runs amok after traffic brawl

Seven people were injured on Thursday after a minibus driver in Istanbul angrily rammed into two people he had an altercation with over a traffic issue.
The minibus driver engaged in a verbal fight with another driver over the dispute in the cityand’s Kartal district. After a while, both drivers left their vehicles and continued the dispute on the street. The quarrel soon after turned into a physical fight and the minibus driver returned to his vehicle and drove the minibus — which was filled with passengers — into the persons that he had argued with.
The minibus was stopped after it hit into a concrete wall. The driver that the minibus driver argued with, his friend and five of the passengers in the minibus were injured in the incident. The wounded were taken to nearby hospitals by ambulances dispatched to the area.
The driver initially escaped but later turned himself in.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman