50,551 registered to observe Azerbaijan municipal elections

Baku: “Azerbaijani people must actively participate in the elections. Every citizen over 18 years of age ought to try to help the elections correspond to international standards,” said Mazahir Panahov, Chairman of the Central Elections Commission at today’s press conference, APA reports.

M. Panahov said undesired cases are likely to happen during the elections: “I have seen such cases during elections in the world’s different countries. It doesn’t mean these cases are committed deliberately”.

The committee chairman outlined the importance of media representatives reacting to such cases, informing the elections committee in this regard. He said election centers decide the fate of municipalities: “Anyone intentionally breaking the rules should be dismissed from the election commissions. Elections represent how citizens care about their country”.

M. Panahov said 50,551 persons will observe the municipal elections, noting that webcams had been installed at 1,000 centers (20%): “If compared, even missions of the world’s most serious organizations do not observe at so many centers. Anyone in any part of the world can observe the elections through the Internet.