3 injured in strong explosion caused by allegedly mentally ill man

KIRSEHIR: A strong explosion took place in central Turkish province of Kirsehir when a man, who is allegedly to have mentally ill, flicked lighter after calling police and noticed them as he would commit suicide and he opened the valve of natural gas in his home. As a result of the explosion, including the man, three were injured and were taken to the nearby hospital.

Reportedly, the incident happened at the second floor of a three-storey building, located in 1992th street in Kervansaray neighborhood when 34 year old Turhan O. called and noticed that he would commit suicide. Soon after calling the police, Turhan O. awaken his neighbors and caused the evacuation of the building, open the valve of natural gas in his home and flicked lighter after waiting a while and caused a strong explosion.

According to the eyewitness that, the walls of the building were collapsed and the noise of the explosion was heard even the city center. During the incident, his neighbors Songul and Davut D. were also injured and taken to the Ahi Evran Training and Research Hospital and taken under medical treatment. Reportedly, so as not the hospital include burn units, Turhan O. was transferred to the Samsun Training and Research University Hospital.

The fire in the building which erupted after the explosion were taken under control and put off by the fire brigade team at the scene.

An investigation has been launched into the incident.