290 died in traffic accidents in Baku this year

Baku: 708,000 protocols were drawn up over drivers and pedestrians in Baku in the first eleven month of 2014.

From January 1 to December 6, 850 traffic accidents occurred in Baku. As a result, 290 people died, 861 were injured, chief of the public relations department of Baku City State Traffic Police Office Vagif Asadov told APA.

Compared to the previous year, the number of road accidents decreased by 84, the number of deaths by 25 and the number of injured by 76 facts.

Asadov said 708,000 protocols were made in the capital during the reporting period. 9450 of them were made over drunk drivers, 3719 over drivers disobeying police orders, 10740 over drivers running red lights, 3854 over persons driving cars with curtains and films, 132754 over persons using unregulated pedestrian crossings.