28 tramway vehicles, imported from Germany left to corrosion in Gaziantep

GAZIANTEP: A total of 28 tramway vehicles, imported from Germany and France by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality were left to corrosion.

Valued 5-7 millions of Euro, systems are being kept in an open area, were brought to Gaziantep in 2012 and since then have been kept in a wreck yard now nearly about the become unusable.

Sait Kose Provincial Chairman of Republican People’s Party, he is one of the people, who show reaction to this tragic event saying that tramway vehicles were produced in 1972 in Germany. After closure of their factory in Germany systems were brought to Turkey.

I disapprove that these, also can be considered as national wealth, all being left to break down. They bought 1972 model tramways and did not manage work. “Are our country can’t produce wagon? Is our country can’t use this technology? When we came to power we will bring the responsible to account,” added Kose.

Muhittin Tasdogan, Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Provincial Chairman said the tramway vehicles, which are being desolated to the wreckage. “All were bought with the money of nation. These vehicles are national wealth,” noted Tasdogan.

Meanwhile, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality also held an explanation regarding the vehicles said that ALSTOM TFS model wagons were brought from France in March, 2014. During their arrival to Gaziantep, some parts of the systems were assembled and their air conditions were affixed. Relating personnel who will use vehicles have been educated. “The maintenance of the tramways are still being underway,” noted municipality officials.