27,683 foreigners ordered to leave Azerbaijan within 48 hours last year

Baku: Azerbaijan has announced the latest list of foreigners and stateless persons.

According to the Azerbaijani government’s 2014 annual report, there are 199,366 foreigners and stateless persons in the country, APA reported.

Over the last year, 37,608 foreigners and stateless persons were found out not be abiding by rules of staying and permanently or temporarily residing in the country, and violating requirements of administrative legislation due to residence with invalid documents. Under decision of the State Migration Service, those of them with valid reasons were authorized to continue living in the country, 27,683 left the country within 48 hours, 6,431 were deported or banned from entering Azerbaijan.

Note that, the annual report will be submitted to the parliament for discussion on March 17.

SOURCE: Azeri Press News Agency