2308 foreigners violated Azerbaijan’s migration legislation in November

Baku: The State Migration Service made public official statistics for November. It was found out that in November, 2308 foreigners and stateless people violated the requirements of the administrative legislation without following temporary or permanent residence rules and stayed in Azerbaijan, the State Migration Service told APA. Lost permission documents of 10 persons for temporary and permanent residence in the Republic of Azerbaijan were replaced by new ones. The residence of 237 of them was legalized through imposing fines. 1650 foreigners were to leave the country within 48 hours and 411 foreigners were to be deported in an administrative order.

Totally, the State Migration Service received 7725 appeals by the foreigners and stateless persons regarding the extension of temporary residence term, the permission for temporary and permanent residence, granting, finishing or renewing of citizenship, determination of nationality and the refugee status, also giving the licenses on legal labor activity and the extension of current labor permissions.

During the last month, 64056 appeals were received regarding registration.

Service officials conducted inspections in 6 business entities in Baku to detect and prevent the cases of involving foreigners and stateless persons in paid work by employers who violate the requirements of the legislation of the country without getting labor permission. As a result of measures, it was found out that foreigners and stateless persons violated rules on getting personal permission for paid work in Azerbaijan in 5 business entities.