22 years pass since occupation of Azerbaijan’s Zangilan region by Armenian armed forces

Baku: 22 years have passed since Azerbaijan’s Zangilan region was occupied by Armenian Armed Forces.

On October 29, 1993, the Armenian military units finished the occupation of Zangilan, the last region adjacent to Azerbaijan’s Nagorno Karabakh region, APA reported.

Zangilan is situated on Baku-Julfa-Nakhchivan railway and is of great strategic importance. Its area was 700 sq km, population over 35,000.

Minjivan station through which Baku-Minjivan-Gafan railway passes was completely destroyed after the occupation.

There was one city, one district and 83 villages in Zangilan before occupation. There were 9 pre-school institutions, 19 primary schools, 15 secondary schools, 1 technical school and music school, 35 libraries, 8 culture houses, 23 clubs and 22 film projectors in Zangilan. 188 residents of Zangilan were killed in the first Karabakh war. About 35,000 IDPs from Zangilan settled down in various regions of Azerbaijan. 44 went missing.

Armenians continue ecological terror in Zangilan.

As a result of the arsons committed by Armenians, a great part of the region’s territory has burnt down, valuable trees, preserves have been destroyed.