2,000 children to celebrate April 23 Children’s Day in prison

Almost 2,000 children, serving time in juvenile detention, will celebrate National Sovereignty and Children’s Day in various prisons across Turkey.

Union of Democratic Educators (DES) President Gurkan Avci pointed out that children currently in prison for various crimes should be released as soon as possible and returned to their families. “These children’s place is not prison but at home with their families. DES calls on officials to release these children and return them to their families,” he said.

In a written statement released on the 94th anniversary of April 23 Children’s Day, DES President Avci said children are the torch bearers of a bright Turkey, adding, “I would like to extend my best wishes on our nations’ Children’s Day, which carries much meaning for the people of Turkey.”

Emphasizing that offering a quality education and training to children, as well as equality of opportunity in the education system, are among the most important missions of any government, Avci added, “April 23 Children’s Day is the only holiday gifted to children on the way to a better and freer Turkey.”

Avci also said, “We call on the relevant authorities to release the children [in juvenile detention] so that [they] can contribute to a better and enlightened future of Turkey.”