2 female bodies found on roadside in Turkey’s southern Adana province

ADANA: The bodies of two women who were shot to death were found on the side of a highway in Turkey’s southern province of Adana early on Monday morning, yet another incident in the country’s troublingly high rate of femicide.

The bodies were lying near toll booth on the Adana-Mersin highway. Selam Savun, a truck driver en route to Hatay from Mersin, spotted the two bodies right after passing through the toll booth. The driver called the 155 emergency police line to report the incident. Police who arrived at the scene determined that one of the women had been shot in the head, while the other had been shot in the chest and leg.

There were no identification cards on the bodies, which were sent to the morgue of the Adana Council of Forensic Medicine after a preliminary examination. Police are using the fingerprints and cell phones of the women in order to identify them.

An investigation has been launched to find those responsible for the murder.

A report released on March 15 by Turkey’s Umut Foundation indicated that 66 murders of women were committed in the country in the first 66 days of 2015, 62 of which involved guns. In 11 percent of these incidents, the man responsible for the murder also committed suicide, according to the report.