2 arrested for ‘insulting’ ErdoIan on social media

Cihan Acar and Bilal iahin, reporters for the Bugandun daily, filed a complaint with a court on Friday for their unlawful dismissal by trustees who recently took over administration of the newspaper.
Hasan andOlandcer, one of the trustees appointed on Oct. 26 to take over the management of the ipek Media Group following a controversial court decision, insulted several employees of the Bugandun daily during a staff meeting on Oct. 29, and unlawfully dismissed those employees who refused to act in line with their orders.
The assignment of the trustees has not yet been published in the Turkish Trade Registry Gazette, and therefore the trustees have no legal authority to make decisions for the firms to which they were appointed. In addition, some members of the staff were dismissed on a public holiday, which is against the law.
A number of employees from the Bugandun daily, including Editor-in-Chief Erhan Baiyurt, Publishing Coordinator Mehmet Yilmaz, Managing Editor GandungandOr Ergun, reporters Acar and iahin were fired in the first wave of a series of dismissals made by the trustees.
Speaking at a press conference in front of the Istanbul Courthouse after they submitted their complaint, Acar and iahin said that they are not hopeful with regard to the judicial action, but they filed the complaint in order that there would be a record of the events for the future. Both the journalists also urged press associations and their colleagues to support them.
Veysel Ok, an attorney appointed by the Platform for Independent Journalism (P24) to represent Acar and iahin, also spoke on Friday at the press conference and said that the criminal complaint filed against andOlandcer and other people who forcibly entered ipek Media Group headquarters in Istanbul on Oct. 28 included charges of insult, violation of the freedom to work and freedom of expression.
The police on Oct. 28 raided the premises of several companies of Koza ipek Holding after the Ankara 5th Criminal Court of Peace ruled on Oct. 26 for the takeover of the administration of holdingand’s companies, which include critical television and print media outlets, in a government-backed move.
Accompanied by riot police in gas masks, the police officers broke down the gates of the corporate headquarters of the holding, used pepper spray on lawyers who tried to protest and entered the building by force. Police teams also escorted the trustees to the television stationsand’ satellite uplink room where they cut the broadcast.
andOlandcer is a lawyer who previously represented Salih Mirzabeyoilu, the leader of the terrorist Islamic Great East Raiders Front (iBDA-C) group, as well as the Venezuelan criminal known as and”Carlos the Jackal,and” who is currently serving a life sentence in France for the 1975 murder of an informant for the French government and two French counter-intelligence agents.