+1T Newspaper Design Days to kick off 10th year

The 10th annual +1T Newspaper and Design Days, which aim at providing an insight on publishing and designing for future journalists, will start on Tuesday, at the Zaman dailyand’s headquarters in Istanbul.
Taking the concept that news and design are inseparable components of newspaper production as a departure point, the design conference places particular emphasis on students who are in their final year of university. The conference program emphasizes the importance of the relationship between news and design, starting with the universally recognized news formula 5W1H — who, what, when, where, why and how — and adding to it the and”+1Dand” (+1T in Turkish) for design.
The +1T Newspaper and Design Days, which is organized annually by Zaman, hosts both Turkish and international photographers and page designers, such as William Daniels, whose photos are published in National Geographic, Time, Newsweek and Polka magazines Mario Garcia, who is the first recipient of the Society of News Designand’s Lifetime Achievement Award and MaryAnne Golon, who is the assistant managing editor and director of photography at The Washington Post. Among famous Turkish journalists and artists who will offer lectures to the participants are Zaman Editor-in-Chief Ekrem Dumanli, columnist M. Nedim Hazar, caricaturists Bahadir Boysal and Cem Kiziltui.
The program of +1T Newspaper Design Days is composed of three different parts: lectures, portfolio assessment and workshop. The program will examine the main factors of a newspaper, such as photography, composition, infographic, illustration and typography, in detail. Among the works produced in the workshop, the ones ranking as the highest are being rewarded and displayed in the exhibition organized by Zaman, which serves as the summary of the whole program. Some of the young designers, who took the best photos during the program, are also being rewarded.
In order to bring journalism and design build-up of the world to Turkey, Zaman will cooperate with the Society of News Design (SND) for the first time on the 10th year of the +1T Newspaper Design Days. SND is the largest and most prestigious international organization for professionals in visual journalism.
Lasting for a week, Newspaper Design Days, which intend to help future journalists produce graphically more accurate and aesthetic newspapers, will end on June 16.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman