100th anniversary of Canakkale Naval victory commemorated in western Turkey

BURSA: A commemoration ceremony was held on Wednesday in the western province of Bursa on the 100 th anniversary of victory in the Battle of Canakkale( Gallipoli) which was won when Ottoman artillery held off an invading force of British and French ships in 1915.

In the morning, a ceremony began when Bursa Governor laid a wreath onto Ataturk Monument. Large numbers of people sang Turkish national anthem and a minute of silence was held during the ceremony. Students from military high school performed a show which impressed families of martyrs and veterans a lot. People burst into tears when some students read out poems on the battle.

As part of the commemorations, people also went to the martyrdoms in the city to pray.

The Battle of Gallipoli was fought on land and sea at Gallipoli (Canakkale in Turkish) during World War I. The British and French were trying to take control of Istanbul as well as the Turkish straits to secure access to Russia. However, they were unsuccessful in their efforts and the campaign ended with heavy casualties on both sides — and left the veterans with many stories to tell their descendants.

The Ottoman Empire, the predecessor to modern Turkey, paid a huge price for its victory in Gallipoli. It is estimated that about 250,000 soldiers from the Ottoman side and 250,000 soldiers from the Allied forces died in the battle in less than one year.