100 members of Egitim-Is Union taken under custody during protests

ANKARA: At least 100 protesters were taken into custody during police intervention in a rally staged by Egitim-Is Union in Turkish capital city of Ankara on Saturday.

Egitim-Is (Union of Education and Science Employees) staged a walk out rally named “Secular Education and Respect for Labor” at Tandogan Square.

Chanting slogans and aiming at to give support the walk out named “Secular Education and Respect for Labor”, which has been staged first by workers in southwestern Turkish city of Mugla’s Yatagan district, union members from various cities of Turkey gathered began to walking in Tandogan Square and started to walk out.

During the protest Turkish police warned them not to walk another place from Tandogan but protesters walked to Gazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard and closed road to the traffic. Using tear gas and TOMA (riot police water canon vehicle) to disperse the crowd, including Egitim-Is Union General Chairman Veli Demir at least 100 people were taken into custody.