1 killed 2 injured in mine collapse in northern Turkey

ZONGULDAK: At least one miner was killed and two more injured in a partial mine collapse inside a coalmine in Zonguldak’s Eregli district of Turkey on Tuesday.

Collapse took place in Armutcuk Enterprise of Turkish Coal Mine Organization at 04:00 Turkish Local Time (GMT02:0) during the 00.00-08.00 shift. During the incident Nevzat Candan (38), Yasar Ozdemir (45) and Huseyin Demirdover (35) stayed under the rubbles while they were mining coal. Injured workers Ozdemir and Demirdover were rescued and taken to the Eregli State Hospital. Dead body of miner Nevzat Candan was taken to the morgue of the same hospital.

Isa Mutlu, Armutcuk Enterprise Branch Director of General Mine Workers ‘Union made an explanation on the collapse and said that the incident occurred at the -550 meters in 00:00-08:00 shift.

As soon as taking the unpleasant information, Candan’s relatives and friends flocked to the hospital. Candan’s wife Ayse Candan who arrived to the hospital with her two children went into shock there when she learned her husband’s passing away. State of health of injured Huseyin Demirdover and Yasar Ozdemir are well at the moment. An investigation was launched into the accident.