Zanzibar senior official lauds Kuwait's aid to fight cholera

KUWAIT, May 23 (KUNA) — Zanzibar Deputy Minister of Health Harusi Said Suleiman on Monday commended Kuwait’s aid to fight cholera in the aftermath of recent outbreak of the disease.
The Kuwaiti aid has played the major role in the decline of cholera patients, as the disease has recently spread in the state, Suleiman told a graduation ceremony at Al-Ihsan School, run by the Kuwaiti-based Direct Aid Society in Zanzibar, according to a statement by Kuwait’s embassy in Tanzania to KUNA.
MP Panya Ali Abdalla expressed pleasure for the rise in female graduates of the school this year, lauding their high level that paves the way for them to carry on with their education in the Tanzanian universities.
The Kuwaiti charity societies have responded to appeals by the Zanzibar government for assistance to combat cholera, the statement quoted Kuwait’s Ambassador to Tanzania Jassem Al-Najem as saying.
He added that the first part of the aid was delivered earlier in May during a visit Al-Najem had with Zanzibar Health Minister Mahmoud Thabit Kombo to a camp of cholera patients.
Kuwait’s Society of the Revival of Islamic Heritage (RIHS) also provided more aid last week.
Meanwhile, the ambassador attended the opening of a training course to promote efficiency of the teaching staff, organized in cooperation with the office of the Africa Muslims Committee in Zanzibar, an affiliate of the Direct Aid Society, the embassy said. (end) fs.msa

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