Yemeni women urge warring parties to reach peaceful solution

KUWAIT, May 8 (KUNA) — A group of leading Yemeni figures held warring Yemeni parties accountable for not reaching a permanent peaceful solution yet; nonetheless, they encouraged them to set-aside their personal interest and have a sense of responsibility to bring back peace to the country.
This remark was made by a scholar in sociology Rasha Jarhum who spoke on behalf of the group in a press conference on Sunday. “The Yemeni parties engaging in the Kuwait-hosted and UN-mediated Yemeni peace talks should commit to resolutions made by UN Security Council, the GCC initiative and the Yemeni National Dialogue.” “Women and youth should be part of the solution,” she stressed, adding that in order to create peace and stability in the country fighting should be stopped, humanitarian aid should be allowed entry, women and children should be protected.
“Yemeni women have played a major role in politics.” She said that they had an effective role in the Yemen’s national dialogue conference where they formed 30 percent of the participants.
“In this critical moment of history. We, women, were invited by UN Special Envoy to Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed to participate in the Kuwait-hosted peace talks to reflect our point of view in the negotiations,” Jarhum pointed out.
“We are speaking out for Yemeni women and children. We will try to encourage the warring parties to reach a comprehensive peaceful outcome.” The Yemeni women, seven of them, arrived in Kuwait last week by an invitation from the UN special envoy.
The Yemeni women expressed appreciation to Kuwait for hosting these talks and for playing a “positive role” in helping the Yemenis in their ongoing crisis. (Pick up Previous) rkf.nfm

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