Yemeni negotiators agree on prisoners release proposal — UN envoy

Yemeni negotiators meeting
Yemeni negotiators meeting

KUWAIT, May 10 (KUNA) — Yemeni negotiators agreed on a proposal to free 50 percent of prisoners before the holy month of Ramadan, expected on June 6, said UN Special Envoy for Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed late Tuesday.
In a statement after the conclusion of the meeting for the sub-committees dealing with UN-sponsored Yemeni peace talks, the UN envoy said that the initial agreement on the proposal was a goodwill gesture that will hopefully pave the way to the release of all prisoners should parties involved in the conflict in Yemen agreed to peace.
Topics related to prisoners and detainees, finding means and mechanisms to enable their release were focused upon today, said Cheikh Ahmed who expressed his satisfaction towards how the negotiations, which began in Kuwait on April 21, are going.
He called on involved parties to be more flexible, pragmatic, and serious in addressing the topics at hand which will hopefully lead to an agreement for peace in Yemen.
The UN envoy said that he was very hopeful that the sub-committees involved in the political aspect of the talks would reach a peace accord, stressing that the meetings so far were very promising in such regard.
The sub-committees will continue talks tomorrow to focus on matters that involved parties were disagreeing on.
Cheikh Ahmed was informed during the security committee meeting on efforts for disarmament in Yemen.
The UN official met today with US Assistant Secretary of State Thomas Shannon and other officials, discussing with them matters connected with the Yemen peace talks. (pickup previous) hrz.nma.gta

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