Yemeni gov't suspends participation in talks due to Omran's incidents – UN envoy

KUWAIT, May 1 (KUNA) — The Yemeni government delegation suspended its participation in the UN-brokered peace negotiations currently hosted by Kuwait due to incidents that took place in the province of Omran, the UN envoy announced on Sunday.
The anti-government forces have reportedly took over Al-Amaliqa military base late last night in the province of Orman.
Despite the positive atmospheres prevailed over the last days, the delegation of Yemeni government suspended its participation in the joint sessions due to these incidents, UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmad said in a press statement.
Ould Cheikh Ahmad expressed his understanding for the causes of this decision taken by the government’s delegation, urging all parties to show “goodwill” during the talks on which Yemenis are pinning their hopes.
He said that all disputed issues should be exposed transparently to the negotiating table so as to reach a comprehensive solution, adding that “we don’t underestimate progress made during the talks over the last days.” He, however, noted that the peaceful dialogue, full abidance by UN Security Council resolutions, the Gulf Initiative and the mechanism of implementing it, and the outcomes of the national dialogue are the only solution for the crisis.
The UN envoy stressed his constant communication with the concerned committees for the cessation of hostilities and preventing permanently breaches of the ceasefire from happening.
After conducting intensive communications with the delegations of the Yemeni government, Ansarullah and General People’s Congress (GPC), the parties affirmed that they would work on resolving the disputed issues without holding direct sessions among them, he said.
UN political experts are working on studying papers submitted by the delegations of Ansarullah and GPC, he noted, expressing his hope that the parties would soon resume the joint rounds of talks.
The envoy referred that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon thanked, over the phone, His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah for hosting the talks and his constant support for the UN activities in the Middle East. (end)

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