WHO approves bill on health conditions in occupied Arab lands

GENEVA, May 26 (KUNA) — The World Health Organization (WHO) approved a draft bill presented by the Arab Group on following up on health conditions in Arab territories under Israeli occupation.
Kuwait, as head of Arab diplomatic delegations at the UN, have presented the bill in the light of the recent report issued by WHO, regarding the worsening health conditions in these lands, Kuwait’s permanent delegate to the UN Ambassador Jamal Al-Ghunaim told KUNA on Thursday.
The report found that Israel prevented the UN workers from checking on the well-being of 5,936 prisoners, said Al-Ghunaim. He added that there is also a medicine shortage of 20-30 percent during 2015 which had a negative impact on people with chronic diseases.
The draft law came in accordance with WHO’s constitution which states that all humans have an equal right of a healthy life, said the ambassador. (end) ta.ag

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