US urges Syrian regime to treat prisoners “appropriately”

WASHINGTON, May 6 (KUNA) — The US on Friday urged the Syrian regime to treat prisoners “appropriately” after reports suggested prisoners in Syrian had revolted against a prison in fear of torture.
“We’ve seen reports of that as well. And we’re certainly concerned about that. We would urge the (Syrian) regime to refrain from actions that could escalate the violence and the tension,” State Department spokesman John Kirby told a press briefing.
Kirby urged the Syrian regime to “treat appropriately those people that are being detained,” while questioning “whether they (the prisoners) should be detained or not.” The US has “concerns over the detentions,” he said, but there is an “obligation in terms of ensuring their well-being.
“We certainly call on them to respect that obligation,” he added.
Kirby went on to reiterate that the US calls on Russia to use its influence on pressing the regime for restraint. (end) sd.ibi

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