US airstrike targets Taliban leader Mullah Mansur

WASHINGTON, May 21 (KUNA) — A US airstrike has targeted Taliban leader Mullah Mansur in a remote area on the Afghanistan-Pakistan borders on Saturday, the State Department said, citing Pentagon sources.
Mansur was “actively involved” in planning attacks against facilities across Afghanistan and was a “threat” to civilians and US personnel, the Department Spokesperson John Kirby said in a statement.
“Mansur has been an obstacle to peace and reconciliation between” Afghanistan and the Taliban, “prohibiting Taliban leaders from participating in peace talks with the Afghan government that could lead to an end to the conflict,” Kirby added.
Although the statement said the US is “still assessing the results of the strike,” CNN said Mansur was “likely” killed, quoting an anonymous senior US official.
Mansur undertook the position as leader in July after the death of Mullah Omar in which the Taliban since killed tens of thousands of Afghan civilians and security forces, Kirby affirmed. (end)

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